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Barcelona star Iniesta should brace for frosty Chelsea reception, warns Azpilicueta

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Winner of the World Cup is reliant on returning to Stamford Bridge, but a fellow Spain does not expect him to be the captain of the Champions League

Caesar Ezpilicueta has warned Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta that there is a possibility of receiving threats from Chelsea fans on Stamford Bridge on Tuesday.

Iniesta shocked the supporters of the blues with a spectacular stop-strike strike and sent the 10-year-old Barca to the flying purpose to attract the second stage of its 2008-09 Champions League semifinals.

This was a blow to Chelsea, who had seen the claims of various penalties bent in front of the arbitrator Tom Henning Overwebby, who are still upset with the club's loyalists. Iniesta had said a week ago that it would be "unique" to come back to Stamford Bridge, however, Azpilicueta supposes it is impossible that she will be welcomed.

"I remember that I was in Osasuna when he had used that purpose in the last time to take Barcelona to Rome," the optimum security title told to AS.

"It changed its history a lot and I think Chelsea fans still feel that in their spirits,

"I think that Andres keeps making bad dreams and I do not think we will take a decent meeting."

The pioneers of the Premier League with Chelsea I focus on concentration on Manchester City, Champions League, and FA Cup, talking with residual barriers to complete the season with a few seasons with blues. "I can tell you that despite the quarter-finals, the fact that it will not be easy," said Azpilicueta

"It is consistently attractive to play against a group, who has contributed a lot to the best players on the planet. Barça plays well, they understand what to do continually and the test is enthusiastic."

What Chelsea should do to stop Lionel Messi's effect, he included: "We always wanted to play the game and used to be one. There is no other way. They are an alternative player for the rest."

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