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Arsenal vs West Ham United

Arsenal, vs, West Ham, United
avier Hernández’s stoppage-time shot beats Petr Cech but crashes off the underside of the bar to deny West Ham victory against Arsenal

Only, he knocked on the door with a high-risk pass in the Arsenal protective right, but terror shook the heartbeat

It was shocking to see how Arsène Wenger's team not only lost the ball but their structure and when Mark Noble made a rare moment of quality with the slide-rule pass for Javier Hernandez, the scene was West Ham United. For all was set to steal three points. Hernández's shots appear below and below the crossbar before jumping off.  Petr Cech has found her fingers.

What is this theft? West Ham had presented next to nothing as an attacking force and it is difficult to see the club's support smiling and watching this type of fare on a regular basis.

But it was a night when the result meant more than the performance, and for the second time in five days, David Moises saved some from the London Stadium. After winning against Chelsea, this hard-fought thing prompted the momentum under the new manager.

If the Hernandez shot down a little, then Moises' play-plan was proven correct and Wenger was pressed down to the depth of despair. All the frustrations were from the Arsenal manager. Against the ranks behind the West Ham ball, his team put pressure on the front leg but they could find a way out.

They had many occupations at the edge of the West Ham area, but they were often very narrow and they used to struggle to take the killer. This fifties seemed arsenal

Wenger incited a lack of toughness, in which he suggested that there was a hangover from Manchester United's defeat on Saturday before the last. On that occasion, his team had 33 shots but they could score only once. Here, they had 22, but only three of them were the rigid truth that the arsenal got out of ideas in the final third, while in the end, Koscielny-driven implosion indicated their frugality.

The armory is running on a far-off crisis and it is no longer without the triumph of the three Premier League matches. They are the seventh interval in the table - a point below and a place below Burnley

Wenger said, "I thought we had an impact on the opportunities we had lost against Man United." "I do not deny that we have shown a lack of sharpness, the last third was 10 against 10 and we could not get an inauguration, West Ham is in a very concentrated defensive phase and it works for him at this time. It should continue to pay attention to the quality of the game and not be brutal, if we do not have much problem with it then it will come back for us. "

Since the Crystal Palace accident last year and with the three mid-midfielders, Wenger made his debut for the first time, his team dominated the ball. His first league in the colors of the arsenal for 577 days was initially a decent enough game near Jack Willshier.

West Ham was very pleased to allow Arsenal to come on them because they believed that they would rotate on the counterattack and Moises 3-5-2 was often 5-3-2 but performance disciplines and organization marked it was done.

The first half-fine box was very little in the way of action. West Ham Forward, Marco Arnatovich had an early header, which was correctly rejected for offside, while the closest to one success was the touch of Alex Evoby and Quick Unload at 29 minutes. Arsenal winger's short shot hit out near the post.

Arsenal pushed in the second half and the game had to spread in the same problem. Does Wenger's team want to call a moment of cruelty in front of the goal? They did not. Meseta Ozal was startled, when Wilsey's kept well with a good kick from Adrian and refused Alexis Sanchez, if Hernandez was eliminated after the deviation of Korseli, then it would also be for the visitors.

"We are trying to change the mood and the result has given us a good platform," Mois said. "I could have taken four points against Chelsea and Arsenal, and we were unfortunate in the first game in Manchester City, there are good indications, though the performance will have to be changed because we are protesting differently. Have to take on.

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