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Unai Emery's lack of control could kill PSG's hopes in the Champions League

Ángel Di María scored in PSG’s routine win over Lille but his team will need to improve their attitude when they face Real Madrid in the Champions League

"The hero is the player." Unani Emery explained, "The employees' job is to manage the team and individuals, which allows them to show their talent." They have an issue, but as shown this week, football managers have to control ego and strategies. Emery's weak hold on his team has continued to build lame performance and rumors are being targeted by Louis Enrique, Emery exit can be compulsory

Since PSG 2012, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva have changed slightly since the signing and they have become the universal army of French football, they have won four league titles, four league cups, and three French Cups at that time, the glorious fatality of Monaco The events were spoiled in the last session, but the PSG score remained steady steady.

Their performance in the Champions League has also followed a familiar path: the liberation European breakthrough in the knockout stage is a club obsession and the only reason their party supporter, KSI bought the club. Emery was primarily appointed on the basis of her European success with Sevilla, but QSI and PSG President Nassar al-Kalyifi remain unaware of the underlying problem in the club, then the club will fail in the Champions League.

The expensive collection of inflated egos is common in football, but some people have crossed the black hole of self-esteem in Paris. PSG requires a coach capable of managing individuals rather than players for a long time, but the shrinking management style employed by Emery and Laurent Blanc has led an underlying culture of the player's domination. This is the source of the glass roof, which PSG constantly crashes its head.
In the last week, his three matches clearly exposed these failures, Strasbourg was spectacular in his 2-1 victory over last week, but the same loss suffered for the PSG in Guangzhou and Montpellier last season. Strasbourg used to trust his aggressive and compact defense as well as his hoarse house support, but he lacked the PGG's victory mentality or lack of in-depth appetite for an equalizer. The players knew that the defeat would be hard to come out as the league would still lead nine points, but due to the lack of battle and determination, a tone was imposed in the big game. When it matters most, the team does not have the mindset of winning and there is something that Emery and Blanc have changed very little.

The lack of a brutal lead in the Luge 1 is spread to Europe, where on Tuesday their familiarity in losing the Bayern 3-1 was familiar with the defeat in Strasbourg. In almost European cases, PSG's undeveloped mental patience often proves the difference. However, PSG did not have the possibility of leading head-to-head from Bayern to reach the top spot in their Champions League group, but the club took the top position very seriously. Marco Veerati, Edison Cavani, and Thiago Silva were rested for a trip to Strasbourg, the first-choice team was selected in the Allianz Arena and tweeted to highlight this point by repeatedly tweeting "Finishes".

In spite of this, Bayern easily chose the PSG, because once again the fight against Emer was confronted. Levin Kurzwa and Markinhos were particularly poor and Adrian Rabit complained about the performance of a "personal" attack. The show was reminiscent of recent performances in Manchester and Barcelona. The week was completed, which was won from home, which was the most common in league 1 places. PSG occasionally performed brilliantly during a 3-1 victory over Lilly but did not have to reach the third gear for a walk before a weak, managerial opponent in the comfortable surroundings of Parc des Princes.

PSG is often the experience of Avram Grant Chelsea, with players hoping for a lack of real respect for a passive coach. This attitude was originally maintained by Ibrahimovich and a group of his senior players who became untouchables under Laurent Blanc. It is now clear in connection with Neymar and near him, to a large extent the connection between Brazil, Casual and Emery. Neymar's influence was outlined in October by the statue of Edison Cavani against Leone in his statue, after which two men were to be separated from Thiago Silva in the dressing room. However, Neymar was still given the next two penalties.

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