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Manchester City reaches 101 goals in 2017 by routing Bournemouth

Sergio Agüero,Manchester City, boxing day,el clasico, premier league
 Sergio Agüero celebrates after scoring his second goal, Manchester City's third, during their win against Bournemouth.

There is no clause to say that Manchester City has barely moved out of the second gear and is still a square above Bournemouth. This was a record-expanding 17th consecutive Premier League win and to complete its festive program with Newcastle United, Crystal Palace, and Watford, it could be 20 by Jan 2

This Byron can beat 19 on Spin Guardiola, registered with Munich, and despite the uncertainty of the game, you start thinking about how the city will be stopped.

When Sergio Aguirar led Bernardo Silva's cross house for his 79-minutes, then targets 100 city targets for the calendar year and the domestic faithful singing "We got Guardiola", an appropriate tribute to a manager whose The magic is spread over this side

The winner began with an XI to expand the sequence, in which two changes of Vincent Company and David Silva were shown, which came for Eliakim Mangala and Ike Gundogan. The changes made in Bournemouth include Callum Wilson, Dan Gosling, Jr. Stanislas, Steve Cook, and Jack Simpson, followed by the Premier League.

Almost immediately, the city found its rhythm, Kevin De Bruyne and Kale Walker pre-arranged the ball in a ball that needed to knock out the cook and remove the head. After 11 minutes the cherries were interrupted when Stanislas suffered a foot injury and was replaced by Mark Pug.

It was the highest city that hoped the ball is a mixture of dominance and spot. Yet when the first part proved to be true, due to the lack of quality due to the lack of quality in the last time, nothing happened for the second time.

In the flash, however, it changed: Nicholas Ottoman flipped the ball upwards from Bournemouth, and in the same movement, Aguero controlled a shot on Asir Gagovik led and hit a shot - it was very high, but Surely the signal was live in the city.

Next, Leroy Sane claimed a corner to the left. Silva led the Fernandez and later, the items of a collector came: Long distance shot from a city player - Ottumdie really grabbed the ball and made Begovic his Tilted right

Now, finally, scored runs in the city. Against this Guardiola unit, the need of the last thing is an unwanted error, even then it happened when Begovic fluffed a regulation clearance. Fernandez hit a blaster Jordan Ie for it and captured Silva. The ball came back and found the brilliant left leg of Brazil, which met Aguero, who was a semi-mouther to fight behind the boundless goalkeeper. This was the 14th of Answer in 20 hours and 100th place in the fantastic career at this site.

Seaside shores for the rest of the rest But it may be possible to break Guardiola's instructions for its players: Be crueler. If a dull start did not start well, then what happened in 52 minutes was reversed. It was a classic Guardiola move because Silva used the race of De Bruy as a temptation, rolling the ball instead of Aguero. Suddenly got a chip number 10 with Sterling String and broke it for its 16th Standby Motion campaign.

From here to the photo-competition for a time. Guardiola took Sené and De Bruyne to Bernardo Silva and Gundogane, and now City double-doubled Scorsa. First came the head of Agüero, then Danilo's first goal came, alternatives to home from Stirling, all this seems very easy for this Guardiola team.

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