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José Mourinho warns derby referee of Manchester City’s ‘tactical fouls’

The Manchester United manager, José Mourinho in front of media

Joint Managers claim that the rivals had resorted to illegal methods to prevent counter attack
'Then it is up to the referee to make a decision and decision.

José Mourinho has accused Manchester City of regularly "tactical fault" to prevent opposing teams from beating their opponents, and referee Michael Oliver, in charge of Sunday's Manchester Derby, in Old Trafford to be cautious about this strategy. Called for. In the textbook style, Mourinho has become aggressive in the creation of the season's most eagerly anticipated match, in which Manchester United will try to stop the gap of eight points between the leaders of the League and Pep Guardiola.

The city got crackers for a shining style, with which he reached 14 places and reached 14 places and attracted one of his initial 15 fixtures, which contained 46 goals and contributed only 10 in the process.Mourinho had also praised the leaders who had prepared for the encounter on Sunday but could not help in making a more modest target in his direction, he had also accused the city of diving.

He said, "They attack with many players and when they lose the ball, they are often unbalanced." "They have many people around the ball area and they have very strong - and it's a great quality - after losing the ball in the next few seconds and many times they need a transition, they are called a tactical flaw Then it is up to the referee to make a decision and decision, but I can not speak about it. "

In the city this season has received 27 yellow cards, the combined third division and six from joint and Guardiola's team have also received two red cards - another from United

It was shown to a joint red Paul Pogba during the 3-1 victory over the Arsenal on Saturday and the French rule out of the Derby. According to Mourinho, in his absence, there is an important blow to the United States and one that can do and how to perform the fastest team. He said, "We have lost a very important player to us, the way a player plays and who is clear, it has an effect."

Regarding the injury to Pogba from September 12 to November 18, he said: "Paul was Manchester United with Paul without Manchester United and we have another Manchester United with Paul, he is a player whose sport is our It is obvious in style and now for the next three matches, we have to face without Paul and we have to try to win the match without Paul, it's pessimistic Such activity is just a different way to play it

"Do you think there is a midfield player in my team who can score the third goal in Arsenal? We do not have other things they do, they have other qualities [Marouane] Fellaini is a wonderful title, [Nemanja] Matte box Can shoot from outside, [Ander] Herrera can do other good things, but what did Pogba do in the third goal against Arsenal to make and make midfield players?, we do not have. "

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is available to face the city, however, according to his manager, "90 minutes is not ready to play" because he is still in the process of recovering from a knee injury for a long time. For the city, David Silva should fight the problem of a muscle, who made him out of the Midweek defeat in the Champions League with a sharp Donetsk.

Both teams have to go to the match in excellent form and in the middle of the chasing pack, it is hoped that United has increased records of all the houses in all the competitions in 41 matches so that the title race has already ended. According to Mourinho, however, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham should not be dependent on a favor in favor of them.

"Every team is a different team because every manager thinks in a different way," he said. "I do not think anyone should see us or we should wait to find magical medicine, of course not."

Guardiola has claimed his relationship with Mourino - an opponent of his day in Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively - "very good", but insisted that this pair would never share the principles stated about football.

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