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Fabian Delph and Ashley Young unlikely key men for Manchester derby

fabian delph midfielder throughout his career, was forced into left-wingback duty when the first choice Benjamin Mendy suffered a knee ligament injury in September.

Fabian Delph and Ashley Young are not two names, which would have been high on many lists of major players for the Manchester Derby at the beginning of the season, but their roles will be important with the possibility of major grounds in the Sunday Premier League.

During her career, a midfielder Delf was forced to do the left wingback duty when Benjamin Mende suffered a knee injury for the first time and 28-year-old had taken a new position.

The youth, who has been turned into a fullback duty after being named as a winger, has made a joint back-slot with the great performance in this season, and after four years, at the age of 32, England's The team got the chance to get involved. Lack

On the right side with Antonio Valencia, United has been able to develop a jerky style associated with players like Anthony Marshall, who attacked his opponent.

The formation of the city is similar, proceeding with the edge towards Kyle Walker, in an alliance with Rahm Sterling, while Delf provides wide support to Laryai Sane on the opposite side.

Papps often move their fullback towards Guardiola, which is suspicious whether they can be considered defenders in any real sense.

The Spanish coach knows that against the counter-attack of United, his team will need to be vigilant in the vast areas, which will try to exploit the team of José Mourinho.

"You have to defend these areas, definitely to attack midfielders or midfielders or winger, you have to close that place," Guardiola said.

"Jose Mourinho's - Chelsea, Real Madrid and the team from here, they own him. When you lose the ball, they are going to attack immediately with Luke, or with Marshall, Marcus Rushford or (Jesse) Lingard. They are doing the movement behind our whole. They said, "You know that you are not well-organized, you punish in one action and win the game."

"They have the ability to run 30 meters and create problems behind our center back and behind our fullback, we definitely have to be careful," he said.

However, Guardiola is not ready to sacrifice the strength of the attacker of Walker, which is a sign of a close season from Tottenham.

"It depends on the players and if you have the power of wrist-walker, then you have to attack them," Guardiola said.

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