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Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Real Madrid

2:23    here is the first attempt of Isco came into the goal circle but the goalkeeper pushed away from the ball safely and made the greatest work for Tottenham.

5:21    The moment was so near to take the big start for Real Madrid, as Isco took a corner kick but Ramos left big mistake to push the ball into the D area, and the ball was so far from the goal area, and he was unhappy to take this action.

10:52   this time the luck was waiting for Tottenham when Kane found a clear way, but unfortunately Kane missed the opportunity and Casilla held the ball tightly in his palms.

13:24   And yes again the moment came back for the Tottenham with the strong passing kick of Kane for Trippier, but Trippier actually lost his balance to gather the ball and he tried to pass quickly to Alli, but Alli was so far to push the ball. And they left another chance.

26:04   And now the first goal came from the side of Tottenham, this time same players tried and actually they succeed, Trippier softly passed the ball to Alli he was just front of the goalkeeper , and he woke up the crowd.

32:36   there was an opportunity for Real Madrid, Benzema gave the chance to Cristiano Ronaldo, but Ronaldo’s kick was like his little son, he missed the biggest opportunity.

42:27   A another chance came for Real Madrid, this time Benzema kicked hard but the ball was unhappy with him Lloris caught the ball easily in his hands.

50:42   After the halftime the game started with the strong kick of Modric, but Lloris did a great job he ran quickly for the ball and jumped into the air and pushed the ball strongly away.

52:16   Marcelo ran with the ball fast, and he tried the pass to someone but the area was empty from the players of Real Madrid, and Ronaldo was so far from the ball, and they left another chance to make the scoreboard 1-1 level.

55:23   today the luck actually has spotted the Tottenham, Alli did not take any mistake, he didn’t trust anyone, he kicked the ball strongly through the net, and the ball kissed Remos’s hand and made its home into the net.

64:13   oh my god, there was a wonderful goal by Eriksen he found the clear gape to push the ball into the net, Modric just was behind Eriksen to stop him but the kick came so early, and Eriksen succeeded to make Tottenham stronger in this match.

79:42   A quick goal for Real Madrid disappeared by Cristiano Ronaldo, it was just a little hard goal five players of Tottenham was making save the goal, and Cristiano Ronaldo only the one player kicked the ball and he succeeded in his strike, and Real Madrid added 3-1 in the scoreboard.

And yes now the marvelous victory added for Tottenham Hotspur FC against the Real Madrid in Wembley Stadium – London in champions league match.

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