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Sweden 1-0 Italy

the substitute showing his skills against Italy

5:40   this moment was amazing for Italy, a beautiful pass came from the corner side by Verratti to Belotti, Belotti kissed the ball with his soft head into the post, but the post was just the meter away from the first goal for the Italian Army.

7:39   oh, that was what I am talking about, the Sweden stars really was near to the first joy, this time action was taken by Toivonen in the field, he was a chance to change the scoreboard, but the ball was unhappy this time with him. but I can say, the action was so decent with the knowledgeable mind.

17:35   yes again, a marvelous strike from the Sweden stroked the mind of its fan in the stadium, everything was suitable, this time Krafth looked at the striker Clasesson, he tried to stop the ball on his chest but he thought different, and just pushed the ball for the scorer Toivonen, Toivonen balanced the ball with his powerful legs but he also looked different this time, his mind pointed to Forsberg who was standing in the front of the post, but Forsberg's kick looked at the top of th post.

37:01   totally unbalanced game was played by both teams this time, Krafth again dropped the ball for Berg, Berg looked at the corner side and tried to change the ball into the swing action but he didn't remember actually, Chiellini was just behind him to stop the ball from the goal post.
anyhow, he got succeed to stop the Berg, but Berg placed the ball for the Toivonen, but he goes down by Verratti and referee avoided this action and didn't give a penalty against Italy.

46:46   a terrific shot delivered by Candreva, he just kicked a very fast from the corner side, there was a big difference between yellow shirts or goal post, the goalkeeper Olsen dived to save the ball easily but he was not active and the ball goes wrong, he goes down.

47:33   this time again, the Italian was looking from the corner, Verratti gave the chance to Candreva, he kicked hard in the right direction. fast movement is shown by the goalkeeper Olsen, he looked in the different mood this time.

53:44   what a lovely action is shown by both warriors of the teams. Parolo looked a very wide empty space he was separated person into his team with the ball going fast but the defender Larsson did a marvelous job he came in front of Parolo and stopped any action by him. the goalkeeper made his job very quickly and easily and gave him full thumb for his terrific job.

60:47   here we go, the yellow shirts pumped the goal perfectly, they succeed to change the scoreboard into 1-0 in the last moments of this match. the action came from the side of the substitute which was just thrown into the stadium a few minutes ago, and widely marked the pure goal for Sweden.

69:48   the first big corner kick of Verratti saved by Olsen, but the role was not stopping again the ball came on the side of Verratti, this time he softly pushed to Darmian, Darmian kicked very hard right to the goal post, but the luck was unhappy with Italian. there was a big victory booked by Sweden over Italian Army.

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