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Jurgen Klopp explains what caused spectacular collapse against Sevilla

Sane scored a massive goal for Liverpool

 1:28   what an impressive start by Liverpool FC destroyed completely with a massive goal in an earlier section of the match between Sevilla FC and Liverpool FC in the Premier League. the goal was maintained by Coutinho and Firmino, they took the colorful action between the match. Coutinho took the chance of the corner and slapped perfectly on the ball with his strong kick and Firmino pumped the air in the ball and just pushed the ball with his head and set the delighted moment for the Liverpool FC.

21:38   the perfectly, and sensationally goal build by Sane, he dropped his aggressive style's drop overall Liverpool's fans with this remarkable goal. actually, I have seen a lot of matches and a lot of goals but it was completely unspotted goal in the history, Sane jumped in front to push the ball and lately, he kissed the ball with his head. Sane was out of the team since he kicked the goalkeeper, now his turn shocked the world completely.

an amazing comeback from Sevillian stars

29:38  the story rolled another character, the part of the game filled this moment with enjoying and happiness when the crowd sounded highly with the characterless mind, over the beautiful goal which came from the side of Liverpool FC, the chance was easy to steal the goal between them, but Sane thought different when he sucked the ball and tried to become a goal holder again but Sevillan's goalkeeper Rico made his thought in trash, but the ball was so lucky for Liverpool FC, this time Firmino who was the goal holder a few minutes ago, scored with no trublling and gave a big point to Liverpol FC in this match.

50:33   A native style shined over the stadium when the crowd of Savillian charged with their hopes, with this special goal from the Savillian star Ben Yedder, who put his mind to hit the big head in the penalty corner, the speed of his head was so amazing and no one can stop the ball and the Savillian joined the group of 1-3 in this match.

an unhappy staff waiting for the best result

58:30   the big moment of this match showed the face of strategy by both teams when the situation picked both players in troubled, yes there was no need to do like this action by Liverpool FC in this moment. the Sevillian Ben Yedder dropped down by Henderson in the field. and hoped separated over the field like a strong smoke for the referee, and yes he gave a free kick for Sevilla, the chance was so expensive for them but they lost after the referee gave again the chance. this time they have no chance to drop this moment and scored a lovely goal.

90:00   the last chance filled the stadium with the shout of the crowd, a magical moment picked the deal with Sevilla when the door was not far to become on the 3-3 level, and finally they crossed the door of the champions league. and equalized the match with the late sharped goal in last moment, the stability of Sevillian's players or fans was amazing and finally, they put Liverpool FC in the hard situation after the half match.

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