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Real Betis 2-2 Getafe: The Late but Great

1:59   Sergio León tried hard to kiss the ball with his lags but the chance dropped by him, there was wrong action from Getafe’s player that is way he was not happy with referee.

17:13   the first goal came from the side of Getafe, a marvelous goal spotted in the stadium by head of midfielder Markel Bergara, he just gave a little push to the ball and the ball made it’s clear way into the net.

26:00   nice effort by Joaquín, he looked at the empty area didn’t believe anyone safely kicked to the target, but unfortunately the ball was unlucky for him today, there was a first effort by Real Batis, absolutely indescribable.

29:50   the second shot came again from Real Betis, but this was in the look of Javi García who was trying to take large kick against Getafe, but as you see the kick was so high just like a sky.

33:36   beautiful goal scored by Getafe with the power of Francisco Portillo, he made no mistake after giving the magical chance by Molina, and he easily set the ball giving no chance to anyone to stop the ball. I can really say this goal was absolute expensive goal in the football history.

35:32    there was easy chance for Real Betis to make the score board 2-1, this time the chance actually dropped by forward Sergio León, he was actually confused how to connect the ball with net ,, there two players attacking him but he tried his best, I just say the luck was not happy with Real Betis.

42:07   another chance given by god to Real Betis, this time the d circle was so clear for Cristian Tello, he tried to make move from the warriors of Getafe and kicked in the wrong portion, this unsuccessful moment for Real Betis. 

46:04   here is forward Ndiaye Diedhiou passed widely to Angel, Angel tried to reach the ball but he was little bit far from the ball, and actually it could be 3-0 from this action, but this was just dream of mine or crowd, it not disappeared like that.

61:43   a great pass by Amath Ndiaye Diedhiou to Francisco Molinero, Molinero shot clear but the ball was just close from the net, and there was possibility to change the score board into 3-0, but the realty was not like that.

62:48   there was another big chance for Getafe, that moment was so dreadful the ball just kissed the right outside net, everyone in the crowd was in shocked, Angel dropped the chance to making powerful lead against Real Betis. 

67:12   here is first goal came from Real Betis, the action was so amazing by Antonio Sanabria, he got the chance and didn’t missed this time, he shocked the crowd and Getafe’s players in the last moment, with his powerful kick, and set the score 2-1 in the this game.

86:16   waao, this was incredible shot by Ryad Boudebouz, he changed the match, he changed the score board into level, he succeeded in very powerful shot, and that is realty of this match came by 2-2. 

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