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Mohamed Salah opens up Maribor for Liverpool to pull away

12:07   the incredible star Salah tried to threw the ball into the net but he failed in his action and just missed the line, actually the two worriers were playing with him to dismiss the ball , and finally they succeeded. 

13:00   this time the action came to the side of Maribor, Kabha tried to take big kick to the target, no this time the luck was not for Maribor, he lost the chance,  there was Viller waiting to pass but he was so far to collect the ball.

14:55   here is another opportunity for Liverpool waiting with can’s kick which was direct to the target but there was need to strongest kick , the goalkeeper easily gathered the ball , Mohammad Salah tried some attempt but he was so late to find the ball.

20:56   the time was so close for the first goal of the Liverpool , Milner found the empty circle and he gave the greatest pass to Oxlade-Chamberlain, but his show was flop this time , he did a great job but was unlucky to push the ball into the net.

29:39   oh my god, the target was so close this time, Firmino hit the ball hardly with his head and the ball was actually going into the target but the goalkeeper did very well job, he saved the ball  an outstandingly and pushed away from the net .

32:40   this time Firmino pushed the ball slowly to Salah, but Salah lost his balance to collect the ball but kicked wrongly and the ball gone over the net , this time he was not happy with him.

35:18   another chance for Liverpool , the kick came from the corner and Firmino took the chance to get header but the ball gone wrong way.

48:11   after the half match the Liverpool warriors got unbelievable goal, this time Alexender-Arnold passed the ball quickly to Salah who was front of the target and he didn’t took any mistake and just kicked slightly into the net, and gave the big goal to Liverpool against Maribor. 

51:38   this time Milner gave a great pass to Firmino, Firmino tried to run with the ball, but Mesanovic pushed him down and Liverpool got penalty shot first time in this match.

54:31   yes the penalty shot was ready for Liverpool, and the opportunity given by Milner, Milner kicked hardy in the right side of the goalkeeper but the goalkeeper did marvelous job again for Maribor, and he saved the goal to pushing the ball from his strong hands.

63:33   mind blowing goal by Milner with his strong his kick, actually the door was open for Milner , and Milner shocked the crowd with his powerful goal.

77:08   Hotic gave the chance to Milec, he kicked hard but Karious gathered the ball strongly into his hands. 

69:13   here is the worst game played by Liverpool, Milner passed the ball to Firmino, and Firmino pushed the ball to Salah, Salah tried, but he was not sure in his mind, and the chanced dropped again, this could be 3-0.

89:35   and yet the dream become a reality, Liverpool posted the score 3-0 with Alexandra Moreno’s goal, with this goal Liverpool hunted the Maribor.

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