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Mo Salah superb as Liverpool wrap up confident 4-1 win at woeful West Ham

20:57   an amazing pass of Criswell came quickly for Mohamed Salah, he made no mistake screamed like a tiger on the net and got a beautiful goal for Liverpool, and Liverpool have made 1-0 lead on West Ham.23:35   this time Liverpool waved another flag of score by 2-0, that’s came from contribution of Mohamed Salah and Joel Matip, Salah hit the corner kick with full confidence and Joel Matip didn’t break his confidence to put the ball into the net.

54:53   a very important goal smashed by Manuel Lenzini, he gave a big breath to West Ham United, and controls the situation of this match. Well it could be absolutely used to West Ham and it was so goodness, he controlled himself under the ball and beautifully taken the ball with his chest and just forced into the net.

55:51   Liverpool got back into the track with marvelous goal of  Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, he tried but failed and then tried and this time he got succesfull to change this effort into the goal for Liverpool. And everything should be tight and organized and Firmino allowed to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and he created the space and turned and there was too much open space but the goalkeeper could not able to stop the ball.

58:07   oh dear, the god gave another chance to West Ham, at same place and in similar situation with same gay few minutes ago, Manuel Lanzini paid high this time but the short was so up, and just was little bit close.

68:10   looking for a big head Hernandez, just have read the ball and softly pushed through the net, but the ball crossed over the net. West Ham trying to make level in this match.

 68:52   Firmino got the chance this time, ran with the ball quickly but In the last time he lost his control over the ball. It was superbly crafted by Brazilian and he looked extremely good today.

75:00  Liverpool shacked the earth this time with the scream of the goals in the stadium and poked the West Ham directly, Salah fired strongly and just pushed the ball into the net. There is the score board shined 4-1 clearly, the opening was slow and the end booked the victory for Liverpool over West Ham in the Premier League. 

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