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Late Lars Stindl goal earns Germany a draw against France 0-0 in a Friendly Match

6:54   Take the first attack, in the first part of the match, Matuidi took a sharp turner and tried to transform it into a goal with a good kick, but in the end, he did not succeed, and a good chance was lost to France.

18:17  Lacazette was lucky enough to make the ball go out of the German players and try to kill the strong kick, but this effort was pushed by the German goalkeeper Trapp with his strong hands pushing the ball out of the ground.

31:25   One thing was again that France's enthusiasm was emerging when player Mbappé took control of the ball in his possession and he did not leave the ball to reach the goal post, and he also managed to some extent, but the German goalkeeper Trapp As much praise is as much as done, they shook the ball with their hands and saved a goal.

32:56   This came to the first and most glorious goal of the match, which was decorated in a good sense by the French players, yes there was no thought of singing the occasion; Digne took a very long time to give it to the person who gave the ball, while the goalpost Martial and Mbappe were just right in front of them, but their decision was quite right, they gave the ball to the martial but the martial who gave the ball to Mbappe and his first goal appeared for his country.

40:19   The first opportunity emerged for the German, when Wenner was fast as he used to go to the ball for the round post, after all, he managed to succeed but the puffed ball collided with the feet of the French player, but the story was not finished yet the ball was straight Drexler He quickly moved into Werner's feet, Werner did not make any mistake here, and immediately the ball hit a strong kick, but the pucker ball did not bother Which is to be missed by the French goalkeeper.

52:34   Once again, a strong assault took place on France, when Draxlayer gave the strongest pass from the Corner Side to the substitute , but he was probably not in the waiting room, and when the ball came to him, he understood something The ball did not come and the ball collided with his feet and changed direction.

55:47   From the beautiful round of Germany, it is called game, taking advantage of the opportunity, Ozil stole the ball from the French players in a very good way and handed it over to the Werner, who ran ahead, the goalkeeper tried came forward to stop Werner but Werner did not make any quick and, in a great sense, he covered the ball from the goalkeeper's feet.

70:25   The same way, and the same way, but the country is second and the other player, the best goal has been to the Lacazette, as soon as the ball came to him, he did not even notice that this time the German goalkeeper did the French goalkeeper Had to go ahead to stop Lacazette and he got the ball out of the foot in a very good fashion.

92:15   Take it, the rate at which the rate was, Germany finally made the game a success. In the last moment, such success can be very less difficult, but it is true that this game will be drawn with this goal.

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