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Italy vs Sweden 0-0 Full Match Review

5:26   And the first moment of this match was great, it was a great hope for the Italian fans when the Ball came to Stryker Florenzi, he tried his best with a strong kick, but after that, he lost a little direction, And the ball go far from the goalkeeper and the rounded post.

7:55   The penalties were expected here when Parola was pushed through the feet and dropped to the ground, but the referee ordered it to be dumped and forward the match.

12:40   Once again, the same story was returned, once again the look, what the referee, when Berg was taking the ball with his full force, then Darmian came in front of him, and the ball collided with his right hand, the Swedish players Raised against it, but they were not heard at all.

15:28   Another attempt was revealed on behalf of the Italian players when the immobile got the full open space, take the ball to the goal post without any interruption, but the Swedish players did not even have any difficulty in reducing it.

26:46   This time also, the immobile showed his talent and sent the ball to Gabbiadini with a clean hand, which was in front of a rounded post, but even before reaching him, the ball niggled, and this time reached near Candreva, who did not make any mistake. And strike with complete silence.

43:05   There was an opportunity for Italy to take action against Sweden,  this time it was given to Gabbiadini as a free kick, but the pessimistic ball looked a bit upset and overtook the goal post.

46:03   It was a great opportunity for Italy to get the hand when a beautiful pass was pushed to Darmian, they had the intention that the ball was hit with a strong kick but the Swedish player Lüstig, who stood behind them, kicked up their knees who would live in their stomach. 

52:57   Dangerous poke came from Florenzi, it was a beautiful occasion here to reconcile its birth World Cup near Italy, but this time also luck faded.

57:19   Beautiful lamas appeared for Italy, this time Chiellini used his full power, but his power could not move the goalkeeper's move, and comfortably the goalkeeper took the ball off his hands.

63:21   This time Italy was close For his first goal, Immobile had come inside the line of penalties, but the ball again showed anger and ball bursts out. Italy's hopes are again shattered this time.

65:32   From the side of the brain, shown in Italy, in the aggressive fashion, Florenzi turned the ball towards the goal post, but the praises of the Lustig of the crows are as low as his praise, he changed the direction of the ball from his head. This is going to be a fantastic goal.

79:54   One of the best opportunities came out for the Swiss viewer, Berg fought with full power but he could not succeed in this.

85:13   This time Belotti managed to steal the ball in a brilliant manner, quickly made a big and dangerous war on the goal post, but the ball then came out of the round post.

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