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England vs Germany 0-0 - Extended Friendly Match Highlight Review

Sane looking for the first goal against England

1:29   an outstanding pass came over the half field for Jones, but Jones was far from the post and he kicked for Abraham but he missed to reach the ball. there was another chance because the ball was with Tripper, he tried to make his short with power into the goal post, but this was extremely notable movement, he lost his richest chance to change the environment in the filed.

7:08   this time Germany struggled against England, Sane forced the ball hard and quickly into the post stand but the ball direction was different from reality, and it goes long away from the post.

19:56   Germany again draw the picture of its dream about the lead of 1-0 over England. but this was just a dream bit a reality. a master striker Sane found the magical way he kicked strongly in the right position but the ball was not really ready to shake the net. and finally, Germany lost the finest chance over England.

Abraham was unlucky today

22:00   a beautiful moment appeared in a hard time, this time Germany tried two times for the goal but its effort was unbelievable against England warriors, but it's less to say, England was fully covered for the goal post to stop the ball and they actually succeeded in their plan. there was no chance left by England for Germany to take any lead over them.

38:31   yes, this time again Germany fired, but still unscored, Germany was so near to lead 1-0 against England but the goalkeeper did a very well job over the filed to save the ball into his hands.

41:31  here is seen was ready for England, there was every step controlled by warrior's of England, the main hero Abraham painted the ball softly and clearly over the goal post but he did one mistake, taking the wrong leg for hitting the ball to the target. that is why the ball punished him and goes just from near the post.

German goalkeeper saving the goal against England

44:12   there is an open Area founded by Jamie Vardy. he hooked up the ball over the goalkeeper but the ball changed the direction and Abraham tried to stop the ball but he didn't. and the England warriors lost the pretty well success.

48:10   here is again the party was ready for Vardy, this time Jamie Vardy looked different in his skills and he tried to push the ball with his strong and heavy head, but again I will just say the luck was not easy for both. and they continuously struggling for their first lead over them.

German striker is unhappy with his performance

58:57   outstanding performance appeared by England in the field, there was touchable moment discovered the England Army in full form, shook the world completely with their skill. the England striker Eric Dier paid his power on the ball for giving the pass to Abraham, but the show was extremely late by him and the German defender Mats Hummels kicked the ball up over the goal post. and saved the perfect goal for England warriors.

there is a result finally appeared 0-0 between both champions.

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