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Arsenal vs Tottenham 2-0 - Extendad Highlight With Full Review

4:30   This is the first time of the match, which was beautifully decorated in the hands of Lacazette when he took possession of the ball, he did not panic, and immediately tried to emphasize the kick-mark goalkeeper in which he could not succeed.

5:52   It was a good opportunity to go to Tottenham near here when the ball went to Harry Kane, he tried to hit the ball on the goal post, but he did not succeed in it completely, saying that his kick was too small and weak, the goalkeeper Could not shake the steps.

18:27   Here was a very close affair, for the Arsenal of the first goal, when Bellerin gave a brilliant pass to the Lacazette to the Corner, but Lacazette did not reach the ball completely and the ball came out just before, and he could not keep himself safe and he hit the goalkeeper, whose injuries hurt him.

28:22   Another attack was on Arsenal side, this time it was a very close affair when Cole tried to make the ball a good direction, but the praise was as low as Dre's who saved a goal for his team. , Which was very close to the nearest.

35:55   The beautiful round, Arsenal opened its first Khata, Mustafa, which was absolutely ready to hit the ball, and he managed it, increased the direction of the ball in a beautiful style, which entered the goalkeeper and got inside.

40:58   Yes, yes, come now, on behalf of Arsenal, Lacazette took the ball to the penalty area, and finally I got the ball near Kia Sanchez, who did not make a mistake, and the stadium was full of voices and noise Filled up.

55:18   There was a good chance here at the Kenana near the Kana, for the equal footing, trying to make a wide place in the penalty area of the ball, but the ball deviated from its direction and nailed it over the goal post, and thus A great chance went from.

69:09   On behalf of the overwhelming attacked  Sanchez, there was no one to stop him, but he made a slight mistake when he intended to die without taking the word inside, and he did not succeed, the ball came out from the top of the round post. 

75:24   There was another chance, but it also went with the hand, this time again Sanchez's eyes rolled over the ball, he could not completely protect himself, and the ball was pushing them out of the laser. In the same environment, he did not think of anything else to die. , But his goal was completely eliminated by the goalkeeper, another well-known singer gave his grip of a strong time.

80:52   Tottenham's best technique, this time it seemed to be the first goal, but to be complimented, the goalkeeper had a wholehearted dose and saved a fantastic goal, was the only chance to raise, near Dier, the ball collided with his head. but at the end of the goalkeeper, handing the ball on hand, the tribal was complimented, who, on every possible effort of Tottenham.

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